What We Do

PlayWorkz is a coworking space where people from diverse background come together to convert their ideas into a reality. PlayWorkz is a fully functional workspace that creates a community of like-minded people who share the same goal - to become the next big idea. PlayWorkz supports the startup community by creating a shared working environment and allowing independent activity.

Startups grow exponentially because of their power to network with the right people, and a coworking space gives you that exact advantage of getting to meet great people like you, network, and benefit from the ecosystem

India is ranked as one of the top five countries in the world startup rankings. The number of startups in India is rising every single day. Startups usually work on a shoe-string budget. The soaring utility bills and the capital involved in setting up a private office is bound to bring any startup to its knees. Every penny saved can be used productively into running the actual business wheel. PlayWorkz helps you achieve this by providing affordable coworking spaces, especially in the regions of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

“PlayWorkz, where your Work meets Life and Plans meet Prosperity!”

From enabling open communication to providing barrier-less work, PlayWorkz provides the best platform for your growth - Personally and Entrepreneurially. What’s more? We're open 24x7

Amenities we offer

24 x 7 Building Access

Superfast Internet with Cyber/Data Security Enabling

IT Help Desk

VOIP & Video Conferencing Facilities

Business Class Printers

Asset Tracking & Management Services

Flexi Office Spaces

Conference Hall & Interview Room

Silent Rooms for Conference Calls

Front Desk Service

Mail & Package Handling Services

Office Supplies

Professional & Social Events

12 x 6 Pantry Services

Gaming Area

Ample Parking

Pathfinders take your space @ Playworkz

Property Owners partner with PlayWorkz